Vids for Thought: Diversity in the Tech Industry

Sometimes we could all use some inspiration to help us deepen our thinking or spur new ideas. Here are five videos about diversity in the tech industry to get your brain juices flowing.  

The Atlantic tells the story of the tech industry’s emergence as a male-dominated field and explains how coding isn’t just a “man’s job”.

Kimberly Bryant gives an inspirational Ted Talk about her program, Black Girls Code, and explains how the next economic equalizer is technology.

A video produced by Speak With A Geek, a tech recruiting agency based in Silicon Valley,  emphasizes the importance of diversity within innovative teams.

At a TEDx Talk at Stanford University, software engineer and Stanford student Ben Williams tells the story of diversity in the tech industry and how it relates to children’s dreams.

Laura Weldman Powers, CEO of CODE2040, explains in an interview why she hopes her organization isn’t around in 25 years. She urges the importance of increasing diversity in SIlicon Valley and offers brilliant ideas that resonate on a global scale.