High School Courses




Intro to Coding: Coding Webpages

A 3-hour introduction to the world of coding

Learn which coding languages are used to create websites and use HTML and JQuery to code your first webpage.

R250 per learner

Create Web Pages with Code

A 3-day workshop to build your own webpage using code

Code a simple one-page website using HTML, CSS and JQuery. Learn basic web design principles and use HTML to structure your webpage, CSS to style it and JQuery to add functionality.

R960 per learner

Code Catalyst

A bootcamp for forward-thinking young adults (17-20 years old)

Immerse yourself in front-end web development in this 3-day code bootcamp, where you will architect an application in JavaScript using Object-Oriented Programming and the latest build techniques.

R2250 per learner

Intro to Coding: Coding Music

A 3-hour introduction to the world of coding

Learn how to use a Raspberry Pi computer to start coding music. You will learn about programs, loops, and debugging. first webpage.

R250 per learner

Create Music with Code

A 3-day workshop to code music using a Raspberry Pi computer

Understand basic computer science principles: loops, conditionals, algorithms, and debugging, and write code in Sonic Pi to create music. Learn about software, hardware and basic device architectures.

R960 per learner


Language Proficiency 
Coding is the language of technology, which is used everywhere, by everybody. Understanding how technology works means having the ability to use it effectively at work and home, as well as having the opportunity to contribute to a growing industry.

Computational thinking 
To be able to code you must use and learn computational thinking. Learning to code improves mathematical, logical and problem-solving skills, which are applicable to other areas of life.

Build a creative portfolio
When you code you create. It is a skillset which allows you to express your ideas, creatively and functionally, which means that you can build anything from a portfolio to your very own business.

Impressive skill set
Extracurricular activities and skills look great on university and job applications. Furthermore, coding skills can be used in combination with various other skills or interests in order to thrive in a technology and purpose-driven world.