CodeSpace Academy

Front end web development course

Our 10 week full-time program gives learners a solid foundation to create functional, interactive web applications and an introduction to mobile web applications. The content of the course includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS and front end frameworks.

Course duration: 10 weeks

Times: Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm 

Next course coming up: 26 March 2018

Applications due: 16 March 2018

Cost: R24,000


Front end web development course + Internship

Break into a career in web development with this 24 week course that includes a classroom study component plus 3 months work experience.
This course will take you from having no coding experience to Junior Web Developer in just 6 months.

The course includes a 10 week Front end web development course, a 2 week industry preparation course and a 12 week internship in which you will learn by getting hands on experience in the tech industry.

Course duration: 24 weeks

Times: Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm 

Next course coming up: 26 March 2018

Applications due: 16 March 2018

Cost: No upfront cost
(After graduation, the student will be placed into a paid internship program with one of our industry partners, allowing them to pay back their tuition fees while continuing to learn and get hands-on experience!)


Application Requirements

Age: 18+
Location: CodeSpace is based in Woodstock, Cape Town and no accommodation is provided. Therefore, applicants must be able to travel to this location daily.
Nationality: Only South African citizens or people with South African study and work visas may apply.
Full-time: Applicants must be available for the full 10 week period.
Skill level: Applicants must have computer literacy, but no coding background is required.

“Graduates of Codespace academy are placed within 3 months in junior web development positions”

What our graduates are saying


“I applied to CodeSpace because I felt there was a void in my understanding of computers and in my communication skills. I loved the team that I worked with and I loved learning how to code!”


“I’ve learnt how to be an open-minded person at CodeSpace. I’ve developed the skill of teaching myself. CodeSpace is a dynamic learning institution that really helps develop new perspectives.”


“My first day of my coding journey was one of the happiest day I had in my life. There was a side of me which was nervous and afraid because it was my first time to do coding, something that I have never come across even from high school or at the college. Now I am happy and understand everything that was taught.”