The Course

5 month in-house program aimed at teaching young learners to become the tech industry leaders of tomorrow. Academy students are equipped as dynamic and socially conscious problem solvers.

What career could I pursue after completion?

  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • UX designer
  • Backend developer

What you’ll learn

The CodeSpace Academy teaches young learners the skills needed to be proficient and comfortable in today’s workplace. The course aims to give students in-depth knowledge into web languages that will enable them to either start their careers as either young web entrepreneurs or as web developers.

Will I get work experience?

The academy works closely with partner companies to place students who have completed the course into working positions where they gain valuable work experience in the web industry.

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What the students have to say

Nelly, 19

I applied to CodeSpace because I felt there was a void in my understanding of computers and in my communication skills. I loved the team that I worked with and I loved learning how to code!

Sine, 22

I’ve learnt how to be an open-minded person at CodeSpace. I’ve developed the skilling of teaching myself. CodeSpace is a dynamic learning institution that really helps develops new perspectives.¬†

Amanda, 25

My first day of my coding journey was one of the happiest day I had in my life, I was happy because I was accepted to be part of CodeSpace and also to be equipped with a new skill which is coding. There was a side of me which was nervous and afraid because it was my first time to do coding, something that I have never come across even from high school or at the college. Well, today I am happy with no fear of learning new things, fear of failing, and by using the languages I have learned here I can make something to show to the whole world.









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