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Who can apply?

If you would like to apply to the CodeSpace Academy you need to fit the following criteria.

Age: 18+
Location: CodeSpace is based in Woodstock, Cape Town and no accommodation is provided. Therefore, applicants must be able to travel to this location daily.
Nationality: Only South African citizens or people with South African study and work visas may apply.
Full-time: Applicants must be available for the full 5 month period and may not be enrolled in another programme concurrently.
Skill level: Applicants must have computer literacy, but no coding background is required.
Qualifications: Matric exemption with a pass in Maths and English.

Below is an outline of how the application process works.

Step 1: The application
Step 2: The telephonic interview
Step 3: The test
Step 4: Bootcamp
Step 5: You’re in!

Step 1: The application

The first step is to complete the online application. You will need the following information to complete the application:

  • Personal details (incl. name, address, and ID number)
  • One reference (teacher, lecturer, or mentor preferred)
  • Matric results
  • 200 Word Response: Why do you think you should be accepted into CodeSpace?

Go to the application

Closing date is 8 October 2017

Step 2: The telephonic interview

Once we have gone through your application we will do a telephonic interview with you to find out a bit more about you and how this course will contribute to your career path.

Step 3: The test

One we have gotten to get to know you a bit better we will send you an online test. Don’t worry, it’s not that tough! The purpose of the test is to see whether coding would be a good fit for you.

Step 4: Bootcamp

You will join us and other students for a full day bootcamp. We will do an introduction to web development and you will get a taste of what it will be like for the rest of the semester. There is no cost for the bootcamp.

Bootcamp starts 9 October 2017

Step 5: You’re in!

At the end of bootcamp we will inform you whether you have been accepted into the program or not.

Date for the program: 16 October till 15 December 2017


Student fees are R24,000. Computers will be provided.

Please contact us if financial assistance is needed.

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If you still have questions you can get a hold of us on our contact page