CodeSpace allows you to rapidly and effectively initiate vocational training programmes that equip young people with marketable skills.

Industry relevant curriculum

Engaging Learning Environment

Industry relevant curriculum

Blended Learning

What We Offer


CodeSpace provides the services you need to rapidly and effectively start your workplace skills training programme.


  • Training for your staff to run a marketing/recruitment campaign for the course
  • Training for your staff to screen applicants
  • Grading of applicants
  • Facitation of 2 x introductory bootcamps (20 candidates in each)

Course Design And Facilitation

  • Curriculum: CodeSpace ensures your programme is designed by industry experts.
  • Pedagogy: CodeSpace specialises in creating effective 21st century learning environments that appreciate the learner as the centre of the classroom.
  • Technology: Our learning management system creates an effective blended learning classroom, ensuring maximum learning outcomes. Administrative staff can easily

Course Management

  • A login for each learner on our learning management system. Learners can access the portal throughout the course
  • Ongoing assessment of learners
  • A certificate of completion for all learners who successfully complete the course
  • A final report on learning outcomes and impact indicators


Academy Curriculum


CodeSpace offers curriculum that prepares young people with the coding skills and professional development necessary to thrive in the ICT industry.


CodeSpace tailors curriculum to prepare learners with a skillset that best complements their existing skills and matches with current industry needs.

Professional Development

CodeSpace’s professional development curriculum ensures that graduates are able to integrate into a professional setting

Front end web development


Full Stack Javascript

Software Testing



Professional Communication

Learning to learn

Academy Learning Environment

CodeSpace facilitates a unique learning environment that closely simulates a working environment. Learners are required to take ownership of their own learning paths, ensuring that they are able to thrive in the fast-paced ICT industry.


Extended Offerings

Recruitment Implementation

  • Design and implement a marketing campaign for the academy
  • Conduct an initial screening of applicants
  • Contact learners at each stage of the application process
  • Host an Information Session for all learners accepted to the programme prior to the commencement of the course

Industry Immersions

  • Create additional industry-related projects
  • Match learners to companies
  • Train industry Code Coaches

Work Placements

  • Source placement companies
  • Facilitate learner’s applications
  • Facilitate learner’s interviews
  • Negotiate placement terms
  • Oversee contracting

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