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Learn to code. Unlock your future.

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Learn by doing

CodeSpace is aimed at empowering young web developers with the necessary skill-set to become the tech industry leaders of tomorrow. CodeSpace students are equipped as dynamic and socially conscious problem solvers.

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Learn from industry professionals

Learn popular web languages like HTML, CSS & PHP from developers that have used their skills in the working world. Gain helpful insights into the way that applications are built from people that are actually building them.

A Closer Look

Learn modern web languages

Learn languages that are being used today to build cutting edge websites.

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence in being able to assess problems and design solutions.

Team Work

Learn how to work cohesively in a team and get practice with the tools used in the professional industry.

Marketable Skills

Relevant technical skills for the 21st Century.


Problem Solving

Learn critical and abstract thinking to address relevant issues.

Social Awareness

Use web skills as a means for social impact.

Joko, 22

Before I started I did not know if I had what it takes. Luckily, at the CodeSpace Academy you learn how to code step-by-step until you understand the function you are learning. The things I know now that I did not know then are amazing!

Learning how to code has never been so simple, intuitive and fun.

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Hear what Amanda has to say about her experience at the Academy. Amanda completed the 5 month course in web development and learnt HTML, CSS, JS and was introduced to PHP and MySQL.

Amanda now works as a frontend developer in multi-national agency.