Frequently asked questions

What is CodeSpace?

CodeSpace is an organisation which furthers the education of learners by providing different programs and courses in coding.

Along with courses that are run by CodeSpace, CodeSpace also empowers others to run their own programs. Contact us to find out ways in which you can run one of our programs.

What is the CodeSpace Academy?

The CodeSpace academy offers full time programs to young learners and is aimed at creating employable, self motivated developers that will enter the tech industry upon completion of the course.

It is a full-time 5 month course. Students learn web development, design thinking and undergo professional development to prepare them for the working world.

Learn more about the academy here

Can I do a part time course?


CodeSpace runs evening classes to cater for people that are not available during working hours.

How much does it cost?
Our courses have different fees. You can find details on the specific course page.
Where do I start?

If you have no experience with coding then we would recommend our Code 101 course.

Can I run my own coding program?


CodeSpace empowers partners to run coding programs under their own brands. Get in touch with us via the contact page to find out how we can partner.