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Front-end development teacher

CodeSpace is growing rapidly and so is the team. We are looking for someone to join our small team who has a passion for front-end web development and for imparting their knowledge to others.

What you will be doing

  • Teaching front end development, not teaching from the front of the class but rather working with students to find answers and solutions.
  • Developing one of CodeSpace’s many web portals. This would be your opportunity to keep your skills sharp and implement fresh techniques.
  • Refining lessons and assessments.
  • Delivering an engaging learning experience.
  • Ensuring learning outcomes are recorded for each learner.

Start Date: Feb 2017

Employment type: Contract

Renumeration: Market related CTC

What you need to know

  • HTML – A solid grounding in implementing compliant HTML.
  • CSS – Ability to write custom styles and implement frameworks eg Bootstrap, skeleton, underscores. LESS/SASS compilation and an understanding of their features. A practical understanding in building responsive websites.
  • JS – An ability to implement jQuery plugins as well as to write some custom javascript (not a must but a definite bonus).
  • Collaboration – GIT
  • Build systems knowledge (Grunt, Gulp etc.) will also help.
  • CMS – Experience in WordPress would be beneficial.
  • Teaching – Be able to teach and explain these concepts in a way that is simple.
  • Prior tutoring/training experience; ability to explain complex concepts simply; ability to lead a class.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Provide police clearance.
  • Teachers can be male or female.

Please send your CV, portfolio (if you have one) along with a motivation as to why you are interested in joining the team.

Send applications to :

Our vision and values

  • Our first responsibility is to ensure every learner in our program feels challenged and supported in his/her learning; that each learner realises his/her potential to manifest change.
  • To do that, we are committed to a culture of innovation and excellence. We value collaboration and openness.
  • We believe in the strength of the collective: one person’s success is everyone’s joy; one person’s failure requires everyone’s support.
  • We value holistic wellness with the understanding that if each individual seeks mental and physical well-being this results in the optimal functioning of the collective.
  • We believe each learner has the potential to be responsible and respectful. We will not tolerate a failure to accept responsibility nor a lack of respect for others.
  • We are committed to an equitable society and creating a racially and culturally diverse learning environment.  We will work to dismantle euro-centric education and structural inequities within our society.

What are we looking for in a team member?

  • Passion for education 100%
  • Collaborative mindset 100%
  • Ability to partake in office banter 85%
  • Love of good food 75%
  • Core strength 70%
  • Grit and tenacity 100%