Learn to code

Ready to launch your career as a software developer, or just want to know if this is the right path for you? Get started in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with beginner-level courses, or take your training to the next level with intermediate courses available now!

Why Code?

Knowing how to code has quickly risen to be one of the most desirable skills in the the 21st century and in the words of Steve Jobs “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think”

Learning and practicing code teaches you how to think logically and how to apply problem-solving skills.

Technology is here to stay. Every year the demand for technology increases and knowing how it all fits together is crucial to staying current with the fast changing landscape of todays business world.

How to code

But how?

Many people say that learning how to code is easy. That’s true to a degree. There are many online courses available that promise a zero-to-hero outcome. In reality many people find a disconnect between what they are learning online and with when they actually are able to do.

At CodeSpace, we believe that a blended classroom environment works best. Working alongside peers whilst being guided by an industry professional insures that no one is left behind without being able to ask for help.