Photography by Laurence Elizabeth

When some of the talented team from Yoco stopped by to talk to our learners about what goes into building a successful B2B business, plenty of knowledge was shared even before the many questions came from the audience. The four speakers shared fascinating insights into diverse career journeys that had made stops in all kinds of industries, as well as what it means to serve a customer whose primary focus is serving their own customers in turn.

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Where Tech Took Me | Melbourne

For Sarah Stokes, daily communications across continents are all in a day’s work – but she’s happily settled in the world’s most liveable city.

Q&A with a CTO: Brad Whittington’s Chief Technical Officer talks to us about setting yourself apart early in your career.

#WhyICode | Mandisa Dlubom

Mandisa’s relationship with tech got off to a rocky start – but this front-end developer now sees coding as a key to making an impact.

Why does the world treat coders like kids?

Aside from being a little weird, our habit of turning tech professionals into unicorns, wizards, and ninjas has real consequences.

A team talk with Natja Carli

A problem-solver at heart, this OneDayOnly Product Manager shares her tips for tech career success.