Keep odds and ends in place | Mandisa Dlubom, web developer
“I like Google Keep,” says Mandisa Dlubom, a developer and Code4CT graduate. “It helps me set reminders of links, add labels, adds an image… It’s a great tool to help with references because things can get messy especially when you’re constantly learning and have to recall something.”

Track time the smart way | JP Fawcett, designer + developer

“For freelancers, I can’t recommend the Toggl app enough,” says JP. Working on multiple projects daily for many different clients, he needs to keep an eye on how much time he’s spending on each piece of work. Aside from loving bullet-pointed lists that allow him to keep his admin under control, he lets Toggl take care of this. He explains that “It’s basically a smart stopwatch used to track the hours you put into projects. Having accurate records of how much time you work on projects can really help streamline your work and help you figure out where you’re losing time and ultimately money.”

Take a deep breath | Aléz Odendaal, Online Content Producer, Copywriter + GQ Games Editor

Aléz recommends Stop, Breathe & Think for the stressful moments before a meeting, call or pitch. The app is uniquely useful in that it recommends meditations based on your mood. In her line of work, she also gets a lot of use out of apps that help in the content creation process. “Flipboard, Over and Canva have helped me more than my degree has,” she says.

Make banking a breeze | Nafisa Akabor, tech journalist

For Nafisa, the most useful tool on her phone is her banking app, for the convenience and time-saving it offers. “I can do everything on the fly, especially when I travel – plus the bonus of renewing my car licence on it – no more queues!”

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