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Academy Program

Zero to Hero
6 month in house program aimed at teaching young learners to become the tech industry leaders of tomorrow. Academy students are equipped as dynamic and socially conscious problem solvers.

  • HTML 90%
  • CSS 80%
  • PHP 100%

Web 101

Beginner web developer course
For the person starting out their journey in web development or someone looking for a refresher. Learn how to build a webpage using html and how to style it with css. Understand how to conceptualise and whiteboard before developing and publish to the internet when finished.

  • HTML 100%
  • CSS 90%

Web 201

Intermediate web developer course
Build upon the fundamentals of HTML and CSS and learn how to integrate Javascript into your applications to create more dynamic, intuitive and user friendly websites. Learn about the beauty of grid frameworks that speed up development and help create beautiful, responsive websites.

  • HTML 50%
  • CSS 50%
  • JS 80%